Todd Troxell

picture of todd

I am working on video viewership at vidIQ

In a previous life, I lead systems architecture and video encoding efforts at

Prior to that I built early pieces of the Rackspace Cloud.

I have been a Debian GNU/Linux developer for 12 years, but lately I do not find a lot of time to work on this.

My research interests are systems architecture, scalability, reliability, security, entrepreneurship, operating systems, free and open source software, programming languages, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and parallel systems.

I am also interested in meditation, Zen, Stoicism, cognitive science, neuroscience, finance, industrial design, diy electronics, cryptography, ergonomics, philosophy, robotics, language, tea, and martial arts.

I am a fan of Unix philosophy and of the Free Software Foundation.

I value genuineness and integrity.

Here are some more places that you can find me.